In partnership with the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, the very talented South African photographer, videographer and activist Zanele Muholi focused on race, gender and sexuality problems. Muholi and ten Philadelphia-based female poets, photographers, painters, and digital artists collaborated with each other and asked, "Whose portraits are shown in museums?" and "Who is art for?" This exhibition features works by Lindeka Qampi, Afaq, Shasta Bady, Davelle Barnes, Tash Billington, Iris Maldonado, Danielle Morris, Shana-Adina Roberts, Carrie Anne Shimborski, Muffy Ashley Torres, and Andrea Walls.
December 22, 2018 March 31, 2019 Richard C. von Hess Foundation Works on Paper Gallery, Historic Landmark Building 118-128 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 USA (215) 972-7600