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Publication: Becoming Sisters
© velianna catalano


October 2022 OPEN CALLS

Velianna Catalano
+October 01, 2022
Contests and Juried Exhibitions are both great ways for Photographers to gain exposure for their work. Displaying your art will essentially lead to some great new connections and opportunities. Here are a few contests and exhibitions with upcoming deadlines in October.
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© The Budapest International Foto Awards
The Budapest International Foto Awards is an inspirational community that recognizes the power and influence of photography in shaping how we see the world. The Budapest International Foto Awards nurtures creative expression and supports photographers who have important stories to share through their images. We encourage all photographers to participate-professional, amateur and student-to share their unique talent and vision with the world, and win prizes, awards, and recognition.

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© The Fine Art Photography Awards
The Fine Art Photography Awards is one of the largest award-giving bodies for a community of artists who are nurturing new trends in the world of photography. This competition is a melting pot for people where passion, interest, sense of beauty, and openness to diversity in photography collide in intergalactic proportions.