Alyssa Fujita Karoui is a Japanese-Tunisian photographer living and working in San Francisco. In 2012, while living in France, Alyssa left behind the world of technology consulting to pursue fine art photography. Her work Minor Revelations explores the simple, the quiet moments, the instances we all have that are a pause for reflection. Alyssa captures with her camera what is visible during these moments. The preface text for Minor Revelations is “You are asking too many questions, my mother used to say. Sometimes there is silence, and that's okay.”
The images that make up Minor Revelations are both familiar and meditative. They are mundane and extraordinary. Fleeting moments of things no one else seems to notice but everyone sees. Tiny experiences that help the mind solve deeper issues. An instant on a bus, pencil and paper left behind, the paper securely tucked into the seat cushion. The color of the light coming through the bus window. Fingerprints and scratch marks on the seat. There’s something meditative and cathartic about these moments that represent part of the human experience.
The project came about once Alyssa relocated to the United States. Being displaced and in new county trying to sort out thoughts and feelings, Alyssa would often take these meditative walks. While out walking with her camera she would find meaningful thoughts and moments in the most mundane things. Not knowing many people, Alyssa felt like a stranger in this new place, often looking for a connection in little things.
Back in France, Alyssa worked a corporate technology job, often putting in over 60 hours a week. Though the money was good, though she felt both accomplished and independent, Alyssa realized money and status were not truly part of her values. Alyssa moved to the US and enrolled in art school. She took this time to slowdown and figure out what was truly meaningful to her. As she began photographing these scenes, objects, and moments Alyssa was forced to ruminate on what happens when you slow down, especially in a global society that is always “on” and moves at a fast pace.
The work and the process of creating it is about personal fulfilment. It is about going against the grain of capitalism and productivism. “It helps me personally adapt and respond to a society where we are rushing.”
Alyssa Fujita Karoui
© Alyssa Fujita Karoui
Alyssa’s book Minor Revelations, published by Datz Press is available for purchase through her website at Her work has been exhibited in the United States and internationally. You can also find her on Instagram @alyssa.fujita