Photographer, graphic designer and artist Judith Sayrach (@in_somnia_) lives in Barcelona, Spain. Judith photographs minimalist landscapes, creating dreamy pastel-colored moments. She creates this work when out alone in nature, a time she feels most creatively inspired. Judith began learning analogue photography with a Nikon F60 and soon began to study and experiment with light using other cameras such as a Holga, Diana, and Polaroid. She currently creates her work using a Fujifilm X- T100 and an iPhone 11 pro.
While minimalistic, her images feature excellent composition. “I think that my minimalist vision is a result of my graphic design studies, I learned to look at things in more detail and to observe what surrounded me in a different way, creating a language more and more of my own that I feel very comfortable with and I can identify myself with.” Each solitary space encapsulates the atmosphere of a moment by emphasizing color and light. The photographs have an airy feeling to them. Inspired by seascapes, flora, sunsets, and the way in which birds flock, Judith encompasses the natural magic of these elements into her work.
During the process of photographing, Judith is more interested in exploring light, shades, and tones rather than exploring technique to express a feeling. When editing the images for this ongoing series Judith hand edits each image based on the message or mood she wants to express while still incorporating her signature style. There is an almost perfect harmony to Judith’s Dreamy Landscapes, very much visible in the way that she captures birds in flight or sitting on a telephone wire. Judith is excellent at using color and light to evoke feelings in the viewer.
Judith’s inspirations and interests come from all areas of the arts including painting, sculpture, music and poetry. She looks for the essence of small things and moments throughout her daily life and while traveling. She creates most of her images while traveling, though some are created closer to home.