Fine Art, Fashion, Beauty, and Editorial Photographer Alina Gross (@alina.gross) was born in Ukraine and emigrated to Germany with her family when she was 12 years old. Alina began her photographic journey in front of the camera as a model, rather than behind the lens. In the early 2000s she became an assistant to a French Fashion and Beauty photographer. Eventually, she was photographing on her own for a modeling agency in Germany. Since 2012 Alina has been working as a freelance photographer. Alina now lives with her family in Germany and has her own studio to create work in. In addition to her photography practice, Alina also teaches.
Alina’s series Visions of Femininity is inspired by the human body. Alina is interested in the power and beauty of the whole body. The series is photographed in the style of fashion photography, however, instead of clothing the body is painted acting as fashion. Alina also uses botany to represent the female form. The series is a collaborative effort between Alina as the photographer and the painter, Vanessa Hitzfeld. The two work together to put together an idea or theme for each painting and photograph. It’s a symbiotic process as Alina and Vanessa share values and a vision for what they are putting out into the world.
In the process for creating her work, Alina prefers not to use Photoshop but instead enjoys the process of creativity and control before and during her shoots. Alina wants to empower people with her work. She wants to create a space for people to talk about taboo topics, their fears, and their desires. The use of color between the flora and the body paint insinuate that the body and flora are one.
Alina Gross
© Alina Gross
Alina’s editorial work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Vogue Portugal, Glamour Italia, Nakid Magazine, Purplehaze Magazine among others. She was the recipient of the Canon ProFashional Photoaward in 2004, a finalist in the Hasselblad Masters Fashion & Beauty Category in 2012 and a Photovoguefestival finalist.